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“Establishing an emotional connection takes intention more than it takes time.”
- Moe Carrick
From our team to yours:
this is hard. Really hard. But what you do matters. We've got this. Together. We are hosting these free events and resources until we can high five again.

Nurturing, supportive, and courageous weekly group sessions.

For business owners, leaders, and entrepreneurs. 
Business as Unusual
Let's share strategies for:
  • Being brave even when scared sh**less
  • Having empathy for employees
  • Getting creative on reducing spending and increasing revenue
  • Ways to take advantage of sudden, unexpected time to think
  • Staying present as a leader
  • Anything else that is top of mind for you in these unprecedented circumstances

For everyone at work

How We Work Now

This Brave Council is for everyone! With shelter-in-place rules and businesses shut down, those that are able to are working from home via virtual means or going in to work only under special circumstances. Let's talk about what it is like to work today and share ideas for managing fear, creating connection, staying focused, and helping others.
Courage for the Frontline
Need a couple minutes to gather yourself and find some ground? We get it and we are so thankful for our frontline workers! We are building an audio gift every week for you. Listen to a new one every Friday. 
We'll continue to update this page with all of the content we create as we create it.
Moe's overview of our offerings right now for you:
Some of our favorite free support:
Got extra time on your hands? These are some great opportunities to dig deep, learn big, and invest in yourself.
Keep a positive mindset
You may be eligible for special COVID-19 unemployment benefits
Eager to help in
your community?
Mental Health is vulnerable right now due to stress, fear and anxiety.
Suddenly homeschooling
your kids?
Eager to hear news from
the experts?
Best COVID info we've found
Harvard Business Review has assembled a great resource list for leaders
Not-for-profit leader or
board member?